NRA Certified Firearm Training,

by Paul Foreman

Athens, Alabama




 Paul Foreman


E-Mail :

Paul Foreman: 23 years as a full time Deputy Sheriff, Field Training Officer, Patrol Division, Juvenile Division,

Certified Instructor for NRA, National Rifle Assoc.

Certified Instructor for AHA, American Heart Assoc,

CPR, AED, & 1st Aid.

Classes are Temporarily SUSPENDED

as of 8-9-17, until further notice:

I am one again battling this evil cancer.

Any questions please call me, I love to talk firearms training and self defense.

ALSO: I do have someone who is any excellent trainer and will pass along his number if you are interested.

Prayers are welcome!

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Paul Foreman, is teaching classes in:


Self Defense Law:

Be trained and prepared to defend yourself!
Many times, an armed citizen can defend themselves without ever firing a shot!
Learn safe and proper gun handling.

NOW: $95.00! per student***
I refuse to be the cheapest when I know I am giving the best in training!

I have been keeping my classes small, no more than 6 students. Most of my classes are 2-3 students. That way I can give YOU individual attention.
I do need a minimum of TWO Students to make up a class.
There is a NO fee for the gun range!
All you need is your gun and 100 rounds of ammo.
I supply the eye & ear protection and the targets.
You get the certificate, which says you took the basic pistol class, self defense class.
Give me a call, or pass this web page on to your friends in need.

Call me if you have questions about the age of children.
 I keep the class size small to provide individual attention.
Questions about guns or ammo? Give me a call! I'll even meet you at a gun shop
(Athens area) to help you select a firearm to fit YOUR needs.

Classes available in two evenings or all day (8 hr class) ***
**** Small classes may be as little as 7 hrs. it just depends on discussion and time needed  at the shooting range.

Call 256-431-6702- ASAP to reserve your dates.

This class of  instruction is ideal for anyone who needs training in the safe use and care of their firearm. This class is also a great refresher for those who have owned a handgun, but never had formal training or training in SELF DEFENSE LAW.

Class size will be limited to 6 so I can provide individual attention.

  I am, Paul,  the instructor, with 23 yrs Law Enforcement experience, and CERTIFIED Instructor by the NRA, (NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION.)

 Live fire will be limited to two students at a time.

Private classes are available!

  Training will include Live Fire at a private shooting range after  classroom instruction which includes:

   A) Pistol knowledge and Safe gun Handling

   B) Ammunition Knowledge and fundamentals of pistol shooting,

   C) Basic elements of self defense shooting; INCLUDED!  self defense is not usually a regular part of this course as provided by the NRA. I include SELF DEFENSE!

   D) Practice loading with "dummy ammo" and Dry Fire practice before we go to;

   E) Firing live ammo at the PRIVATE range

    F) Maintaining your pistol, safe cleaning and maintenance.


        Any QUESTIONS, Please call me. Paul, 256-431-6702

I am also offering classes in:

 Self Defense shooting:

Tuition: Now $ 45.00!

   2+ hr class, includes 1.0 hr + live fire at the firing range. Prior Basic pistol class required or a  short test to qualify. Includes "SHOOT-DON'T SHOOT" TRAINING!

   Class size limited to 6 students, max with a minimum of 2 students.

Former students of mine get coached range time for $25 each, minimum 2 people.



This class is NOT suspended!

  Tuition: $10.00

   2 hr classroom instruction. A great class for civic groups or church groups!

   (no shooting range time in this class)

   Minimum class size is 10, no maximum, limited only by available seating at your venue. Call for special prices for larger groups.

Day or evening classes.  I can schedule classes for your convenience.

Monday Tuesday evenings

Thursday Friday evenings

Saturday evenings

Need a special time or schedule?

Call me!

Individual classes ($150)also available!

Call me and ask about FREE classes!

For civic groups, church groups, clubs, I will come and do a 45 minute program on SAFE Gun handling or Protection in the Home. No real guns or live ammo are used in these

"Free" programs.

Call for more info :

 Paul Foreman


E-Mail :

Participants will be required to wear both EYE  protection and Hearing protection at the gun range.

These can be purchased at any gun shop  or Big box retail store.

 Or:  I will have them available at no additional charge.

Instructor HIGHLY recommends Electronic Ear Protection that allows you to hear normally

but  blocks out the sound of your gun.

Eye protection can be regular safety glasses or “over glasses “.

Instructor recommends a minimum of 100 rounds of ammo specified for your guns caliber.

QUESTIONS about type of ammo? Just call  Paul.

You will be required to have in your possession your pistol permit. 

Permits are obtained from your local Sheriff's Office.

    For Limestone County Sheriff, go to:

click on pistol permit in the index, far left side.

For Madison County Sheriff, go to:

Basic Pistol Training Class is for both men and  women and under 18 years too!

Call me for info about under 18.

Serving North Alabama, Athens, Madison, Florence Alabama

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For schedules and dates,
Call me! 256-431-6702